Radgridview rowvalidating

Posted by / 30-Dec-2020 03:52

New example NEW A new real world scenario demo application is added to the suite - Medical App. FIXED Wrapping text in Columns Group View Definition does not affect the size of the cells.

Rad Drop Down List Editor/Property Grid Drop Down List Editor should move the caret position when pressing left/right arrow keys in Rad Drop Down Style. The indent column is moved after the columns when the Group Indent is set to 1.

Column Groups View Definition changes columns order in Right To Left mode when one of the groups is pinned to left.

Columns get split when Enable Kinetic Scrolling is set to true and you try to drag the horizontal scrollbar on the area between the thumb and the bottom summary row.

- Ability to arrange in-place editors into groups and tabbed groups, and name these groups via an attribute applied to an object's properties. Setting the Selected Item does not select the shape in the UI. FIXED The layout is not saved correctly when the windows are hidden before the layout is saved. Rad Grid View NEW Auto Size Rows support in Column Groups View Definition.

After dropping a Host Window it is not positioned according to the Preview. Support for Column Groups View Definition and Html View Definition in Self-Referencing hierarchy.

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Custom columns added by using the Property Builder are not serialized.

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