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Coming in late finding her passed out, sometimes if we were lucky the gas hob woukd be on, just the gas and the house ready to explode.

Then coming to terms with what i was seeing my brother died of a drug overdose, it then took my mother just shy of two years to drink her self t…

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read the full post Really interested to speak to anyone who has experienced anything similar to me.

I found out 5yrs ago that my mum has been an alcoholic since I was a child. We were only told because my mum was going through a horrific detox in hospital where she nearly died and had to learn to talk and walk again. read the full post I have been with my partner for 4 & a half years & hes always drank but I never knew to what extent until we started living together. I can’t cope With my partner destroying his life and there being nothing I can do about it - I can’t take the late nights where I’m worried he won’t be alive when I wake up or the nights where he wakes me up every 3 hours because he needs money to gamble with and when I say no - which is every time he gets aggressive and smashes something - twice now in the las…

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My name is louis I had a problem with my wife six months ago,which lead to us going apart.

my husband has always drunk heavily not every single day but huge episodes of binge drinking all his 4 siblings are the same eldest one died at 38 and others are either alcohol dependant or alcoholic i am now reaching the end of my tether its wearing me down i…It has been really sad and emotional to see this person sufffer from not only this addiction but mental health issues too.That side of my family seems to have completely broken down and I feel like I’m the only one left supporting this family member.Please note Adfam may reproduce some of the testimony on this blog, anonymously, in our work.If you are seeking support, you may want to call a helpline or find a local family support group.

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