Rebecca 42 nurse dating

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Rebecca 42 nurse dating

I can’t explain how she teased at one second and sucked hard the next, whilst the whole time massaging my cock with her mouth.Now I’m no short, If I say so myself, nine inches at full stretch is all I have but a girth of about 2 1/2 inches had Rebecca’s Mouth muscle working overtime.I had both her breasts in either hand as I lay back and thrust my hips forward to give her better reach.

Rumor had it that nurses were quite adventurous, if you can believe the the tea room chatter.

I was snapped out of my temporary paralysis as I flung my arms around her and began to devour her like it were my last days on Earth.

“Slowly Doctor D, I’m now in charge, let me do all the work.” She hand both hands under my scrubs smock massaging my chest and running her soft hands through my hair on my chest, as she worked her way down, I instinctively raised my arms to allow her to remove it.

As I gazed down her full breasts were strained against her shirt as she arched away from the pain. “You have amazing hands Doctor D”, she whispered and the touch of her hand against mine just lingered a second too long. After I dropped her at the Nurses Res, I felt my loins begin to stir, and I pressed down on the semi that was lurking beneath my worn green scrubs.

I felt a tinge of guilt and wanting at the same moment. I stroked it through the cotton cloth, and knew I had to get it out and get myself whilst the memory of her was still fresh.

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Quite what that meant, I wasn’t certain at the time.

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