Report a dating scam

Posted by / 20-Mar-2020 11:28

Report a dating scam

It is important that you file a complaint with the police or other relevant law enforcement authorities in your country.Unlike a few years ago, there is now a chance that the person who scammed you may be arrested.

Instead, take the matter to the relevant authorities.In order to report a scammer, you must have proof that the person has tried to or has scammed you.This proof can be in the way of emails, chat conversations, text messages, letters or anything else that proves that the scammer requested money and subsequently robbed you off your money.Many good people are on online dating sites; unfortunately, there are far too many scammers. Below are some tips that may reduce the chances you'll become a victim of this cruel crime as well as a quiz & some tips about how to proceed if you suspect you may a Romance scams cost victims so much more than money.These scams are often financially devastating and have led to the loss of life-savings, destruction of families, and suicide.

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“While sweetheart scammers definitely operate all year long, they are particularly noticeable at a time when everyone wants to celebrate romance.