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Santa fe railroad china dating

It comes in a blue can and consists of a substance impregnated in cotton wadding material that wipes tarnish away.

Other cleaners made for silver will work well also.

Dating such pieces can be accomplished in various ways, depending on the manufacturer.

It may be frustrating sometimes to try to find a piece that has no dings or dents, but they are out there.

First, items that contain very noticeable dents cannot be easily filled in or pounded out due to the thick walls of the piece.

Second, if a piece has been resilvered and has a weak logo or side mark, it isn't because the logo was filled in with too much silver.

It has been published in original and revised versions and is a valuable addition to the collector's library. Items were first formed from a base metal, usually nickel or sometimes brass.

Handles, footings and finials were silver-soldered on, and the manufacturer and railroad markings were impressed into the metal.

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The logo was just plain worn away in the polishing process before the piece was resilvered.

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