Sarah lancaster and ryan mcpartlin dating what is jhoos dating

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Sarah lancaster and ryan mcpartlin dating

By this time, Lisa had already met Ant, on the Smash Hits Roadshow in Newcastle in 1995.

He was performing with Declan Donnelly as PJ and Duncan.

After trying hard to hang on to the marriage since last summer, and standing by him unstintingly when he went into rehab (just as she stood by him supportively during his hectic and stressful career) Lisa has been cut free.

Ant's spokesman confirmed to Mail Online on Saturday: 'In response to the recent speculation in the media, Ant is very sad to announce that, after 11 years, he is ending his marriage to Lisa Mc Partlin'Her battles to stay married have been evident.

But for all her protestations, her husband, known for his oh-so-jolly public demeanour, has kept his distance.In 1990, the theatre mogul divorced the singer after a six-year marriage.He had cast her in his lead role for The Phantom of the Opera, after meeting her in Cats.Famed for breaking all records in British celebrity divorces, the costly settlement in 2008 closely followed his payout to first wife Jill.The duo unexpectedly reunited in 2015, seven years after the settlement and she confirmed that she was calling him 'her husband' again.

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A friend of the star told me a month ago: ‘The marriage is over, at least as far as Ant is concerned. ‘Lisa has invested her whole life in him and hero-worships him. ‘He is her life, and she doesn’t want anyone but him, but he is ready to make a fresh start.’ The explanation given by Ant’s camp over the weekend is that he needs to cut the cord for the sake of his health.

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