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Security clearance dating site

That's a lesson even the top brass are learning the hard way.

Revelations about an affair between then-CIA director retired Army Gen.

"Facebook posts are probably the biggest thing people need to deal with," says retired Navy Capt.

David Price, a former military judge turned private attorney who specializes in helping troops and military contractors with clearance problems.

You've just found out your clearance is under review and could be suspended. Typically, you'll get a "Letter of Intent" that your clearance is in jeopardy along with a "Statement of Reasons" outlining why.

Under Pentagon rules, you have the right to fight for your clearance, but you must take action quickly.

Officials break down potential clearance killers into 13 categories ranging from allegiance to the U. and foreign influence to sexual behavior and misuse of government computer systems.

They might even accuse them of trafficking in child pornography or soliciting minors and threaten to call law enforcement.

Now, you can imagine the stress level will shoot up for one who holds a security clearance when faced with this dilemma.

The two of them engage in a chat and exchange information, and the scammer tries to get the other party to send intimate photos or videos that might be compromising.

That is when they then pull the pin of the grenade and threaten to expose the person in public social media or to family members unless they pay a fee.

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