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I kissed her and told her she had nothing to worry about putting her hand on my engorged prick.

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Later that evening I had to go on the computer to check my emails my laptop was in my office till monday so I used the wifes,she had been using it that day and hadnt shut down,and there on the screen was google and in the search she had typed in women and sex with dogs with various pages wife at this time was watching a movie on tv in the lounge,so I came out of the study with the laptop still on she knew immediately what I was going to say her face flushed and the look of guilt gave it away, I said “Well whats this on here?

” silence “youve been messing with Glen whilst ive been away” I sat down close to her and told her I wasnt angry, there where tears in her eyes, I asked how long had it been going a fortnight since you went away, she began telling me how it got started she had been surfing the net about border collies looking for another one as a chum for Glen but they where to far away from home the ones she thought suitable, so she had gone along to the local dog shelter where she had met this woman who was a breeder and had invited her to her home the following day to have a look at her pups although she hadnt wanted a pup as Glen was 3 years she went along.

Getting home around 9 on the saterday evening I let myself in the house I called out hi sweetheart as I entered the hall,there was no reply so I went into the lounge when I heard a shuffling of feet from the bedroom so I went to the bottom of the stairs and called her again moments later our border collie came rushing downstairs with my wife close behind looking quite dishevilled, I also noticed the dog had quite an erection.

Returning back to the lounge I asked the wife what she had been doing her response was “what do you mean?

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Well after id been chatting to the woman on the net she gave me a few tips to get started and to see if Glen was interested, I had brought him into the room one night whilst I was chattingand got talking to my lady friend she asked me if I had my knickers on and if I had to remove them and have Glen in front of me between my knees if he would stay there, well as you know he has been taught to sit so I had him sit betwwen my knees then she asked me to play with myself until I was wet then let Glen sniff my fingers well he didnt just sniff them he licked them dry the lady said that it was good now she said do the same thing agan but trail your fingers up and down your thighs until your dog finds your vagina, Kevin it felt wonderfull it was making me real horny I was missing you and I wanted your cock in me butt all I had was Glen his licking got more intense and I knew I was going to climax I wondered if I could get him hard as I had seen at the kennels I reached under him and took his furry sheath in my hand and immediately he began humping I explained to the woman on the net what was happening and she said that was good but dont do it too often I couldnt understand why until today when you walked in Glen had just entered me and his cock was growing inside me now Ill never know what it trully would have been like im so sorry for behaving like a slut.