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Only one image of Cleopatra survives—a barely visible profile on a coin—but we have numerous written descriptions.

She had a long thin face and a somewhat pointed nose; her dominant features were her wonderfully large eyes.

And while he stayed long in Egypt, away from his throne in Rome, all kinds of turmoil erupted throughout the Roman Empire.

of rulers including Mark Antony, a brave soldier who loved pleasure and spectacle and fancied himself a kind of Roman Dionysus.

Robert Greene, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The 48 Laws of Power, The 33 Strategies of War, The Art of Seduction, Mastery, and The Laws of Human Nature, is an internationally renowned expert on power strategies. Joost Elffers is the packaging genius behind Viking Studio's Secret Language series, Play with Your Food, and How Are You Peeling? He secured the country's borders against her return and began to rule on his own.

In a boat of unimaginable splendor—towering fifty-four feet out of the water, including several terraced levels and a pillared temple to the god Dionysus— Caesar became one of the few Romans to gaze on the pyramids.

Her dress and makeup changed from day to day, but always gave her a heightened, goddesslike appearance.

Her voice, which all writers talk of, was lilting and intoxicating.

She had a delightful voice which could not fail to cast a spell over all who heard it.

Such was the charm of her person and her speech that they drew the coldest and most determined misogynist into her toils.

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Cleopatra sat on deck, surrounded and fanned by cupids and posed as the goddess Aphrodite, whose name the crowd chanted enthusiastically. But he also wanted to tame her—to defeat this proud and illustrious woman would prove his greatness.

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