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Sex surrender big chatte

The 2005 aviary influenza epidemic brought a dramatic change to the world's female population. Cannibalism is now practised, to some degree, in nearly every country.Pregnancies, somehow, mellow women making them less wild.Scientists worldwide have devoted much time and resources to look for a solution but have found none.In western culture countries, the law makes absolutely sure participants in lotteries and cannibal feasts are really willing.To avoid undue pressures, family or friends never benefit from victims' deaths.

There is another reason for early female mortality: Their recklessness and lack of fear of extreme pain brings about a very high number of bizarre suicides and accidents.Laws that institutionalized cannibalism, and channelled young women's recklessness and love of risk, legalizing periodical, cannibal state lotteries in which women -in theory also men- enjoy fame, the thrill of courting death and, finally, a delicious meal and a huge monetary recompense if they survive, or a painful/orgasmic death if they don't.Mankind has adapted rapidly to the new circumstances and nowadays state lotteries are extremely popular in many countries. On-line betting, on who will end cooked, produces enough money to pay the survivors' recompenses and still leave a huge profit. Very intense pain was, somehow, turned into sexual pleasure. Somehow the virus fired some, hitherto repressed genes in women and female animals bringing a sudden change in their behaviour. New generations became more reckless, sensual and passionate.

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People assisting to lottery, execution and cook-out also pay handsomely for the privilege.

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