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There is one thing that was actually changed in the western version of the game, but this one is entirely understandable: Sega did not manage to get the license for the branding of a character’s shoes for the west, so they had to make a slight visual change to the shoes themselves. Interestingly we also hear that the team at Sega actually added a little feature to the western version of the game.We’ll get text within the loading screens that explains vocabulary and background, including things that may be obvious to Japanese gamers but unknown to western players.Speaking of localization, Mullen and Strichart explain quite a few of the choices they make, and it’s rather interesting.While I’ve been vocal in my reviews of Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami about the fact that I do not agree with the decision they make (which is quite normal, I’d say), It’s difficult to think about many better localization teams in today’s industry, where so many appear to think themselves more co-authors that can somehow “improve” the original instead of making an effort to relay what the actual authors wished to convey.Not only do we allow payments via debit and credit cards processed by Sage Pay, we also take payments via Pay Pal so you can use your Pay Pal balance when you want to pay.Customer service is our main focus and this is apparent in how loyal our customers are.Luckily it’s “100% in the game.” If you’re wondering what it’s all about, you can see it in action in one of my videos (starring popular Japanese porn-star and model Anri Okita) of the Japanese version of the game, and in a second clip featuring Yua Mikami.Just keep in mind that while no actual nudity is shown, they’re quite unsafe for work. After that we get to see the in-game port ofgameplay, with Kazuma Kiryu having some fun in Kamurocho.

Every product, commercial or otherwise, represents both the peculiarities and the priorities of its design teams, over the course of many years. The digital asset files are far more precious than the license-costs of the tools used to create and to maintain them, the latter being just “a cost of doing business” (and a relatively small one at that).

The first thing they mention is a confirmation that the sexy live-chat minigame was not cut from the game.

Many apparently suspected the potentially controversial feature could have been removed because it did not appear in the latest minigame-focused trailer, but it simply wasn’t considered suitable for the trailer itself.

Please note a 3DS console is required to play Mario veterans will have played a 3D Mario game before, but not like this!

Super Mario sees Mario travel into a 3D world where, for the first time, you can see the depth of the land, rather than a rendered 3D game where depth perception can be tricky!

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