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However, Stephen advised me that the thread could not be identified under the layer of lacquer and the nature of the lacquer itself has not been determined yet.

The bow is dated approximately 600 BCE, but may be later.

Another feature that was rare in more recent traditional composite bows was that the tips were smoothly recurved.

The recurves had string grooves on their belly sides like modern target recurve bows.

However, this central set back is probably not where the bow was held.

Both Greek and Scythian works of art often show the bow gripped below this point.

The centre of the set back grips is 53 cm from on end and 66 cm from the other. The centre of the bow was 4 cm wide and tapered to 3.5 cm at the mid-limb.

This feature is totally unlike the bow tips on later composite bows.

The term we use for bow tips, siyah, is not really appropriate In outline, the bow looks like the Classical Cupids bow of Greek and Roman art. Despite being found in the modern confines of China, this bow represents a survival of the ancient Scythian bow, which was used from Italy in the west to the north of China in the east.

The Scythians were prominent in the West between 750 BCE and 300 BCE.

After that time they went into decline though enclaves survived into the current era in the Crimean peninsula.. The limbs themselves are of different lengths when measured from the central dip of the handle.

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However, the Scythian bow would leave no telltale laths in the archaeological records.