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Site updating services

Synopsis Info Path Forms Services is a server technology that makes it possible for people to fill out forms in a Web browser.

By managing forms in a central location, you can streamline business processes and improve relations with customers, partners, and suppliers.

If your form template has more than one view, users will also see a View list on the toolbar. Users submit data to external data sources by clicking a Submit button on the toolbar. Users switch between views by clicking an item in the View list on the toolbar.

When you design your form template, you can customize the toolbar settings in the Form Options dialog box.

After a browser-compatible form template is browser-enabled, users can use their browser to fill out forms that are based on that form template.

In some cases, you can enable the form template for use on the Web by selecting the Enable this form to be filled out by using a browser check box in the Info Path Publishing Wizard.

When users access the form, either by navigating to a library or by entering a URL for the form in their browser, one of two things can happen: If users will fill out forms on a mobile device, such as a personal digital assistant (PDA) or smartphone, you can design your browser-enabled form template so that it can be opened and filled out by using a mobile device browser.

When users use a mobile device to access the form, it opens on their screen in a simplified format.

Alternatively, if the customer calls the insurance company to report the claim, an insurance agent can use Info Path to fill out the same claim form on an intranet site.

Similarly, a government agency can collect data from citizens by posting browser-enabled form templates on its Web site.

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For example, controls such as repeating sections and features such as formulas and conditional formatting work the same way in both environments.