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So just wondering if any of you ladies feel like you do absolutely everything with the kids and house?

My partner works full time mostly 12 hour shifts 5 days a week and by the time he gets home the dinner is made all house work done kids bathed and ready for bed etc but sometimes it can get exhausting when I feel like I'm just hired help. Am I being u reasonable considering he is the breadwinner and pays all the house hold costs.

I may do the majority of housework at present but won't when I go back to work.

When I go back to work my day will be just as long but even faster paced trying to fit everything in so if going to work is an excuse for not doing anything in the house who does it when I'm at work as well as him?????

Why should my partner come home from working a 12 hour day (which he does) and then have to cook/clean?

I think maybe getting the children ready for bed is a bit different as I'd see that more as bonding with the kids/ spending the little time day to day that he can.

Xx Sent from my E6653 using Netmums mobile app Seriously?! If you honestly expect him to help you with the housework after a 12 hour shift that's your problem for expecting far too much. What do you women think the men are doing whilst they're at work? Yes I do expect a hand - sorry but my day is 16/17 hours long to make sure everything just 'works'.

If my dh and I share the household jobs it gets done quicker and we can relax together. If your kids are still young maybe ask at your local college if there are any childcare students looking to have some extra work experience for pocket money.

Sent from my i Phone using Netmums Could you afford help? Just a couple of hours a week with them occupying the little ones would give you a chance to have a break or egt some chores done in peace.

They all work tbf to them but when it comes to cleanliness and tidying up there's a lot to be desired xx Oh gosh I know this feeling!

I've lived with my other half for 2 years now and it's literally like he does nothing!

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Because my partners mum never asked him to lift a finger the first time he ever used a Hoover was about 6 months after we moved in together!

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