Social sex or xdating

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Social sex or xdating

That was our baseline number, that we used for all the websites in our trial so you know we’re not biased towards any one site.

We got a whopping 209 emails back, over 83 percent!

Social seems to put a lot of emphasis on the “social” part.

We found through trial and error that our profiles showed up faster and we got more responses if we logged on more often, which is important to know.

It’s a gimmick, but it’s cute and sexy, and the girl they used (for us anyway) was smoking hot!Another thing we didn’t love was that sometimes our mouse would get stuck in the scroll bar for the email box, making it annoying to scroll up or down.It was a two-second fix, nothing that destroyed the website. It’s the best place to hook up with girls, and if you’re looking to have casual sex using sex dating sites, this should be your go-to.These are some of the messages we sent to women on Social that got the best responses.Each of the emails we’re publishing here lead to a date, and two of them lead to a full close.

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Example 1: “Hi Sasha, I couldn’t help but notice your sparkling smile in your photograph, not that common for girls on this site.