Sonya graci accommodating green

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Sonya graci accommodating green

Small island settings and tourism-based economies can further complicate waste management scenarios.

A partnership approach has been adopted in Gili Trawangan, Indonesia, which through capacity building has successfully addressed a number of challenges this island has been facing with solid waste management.

These include technical concerns, financial restraints, lack of capacity, education and awareness, concerns with management, corruption, stakeholder influence and poor planning (Taylor, 1999; Henry 2009; Troschinetz and Mihelcic, 2009).

These challenges result from traditional, top-down, regulatory, end of pipe approaches taken in waste management that are largely ineffective (Furedy, 1992; Scheinberg 2004).

Solid waste management is a critical, complex, multi-dimensional challenge for societies.

The nature of solid waste management in each community can differ based upon a number of factors including economic activities and geographies.

The Green Hotels and Responsible Tourism Initiative is an education resource that has been developed in partnership with respected tourism sustainability and hotel greening experts, Dr Sonya Graci and Jacqueline Kuehnel.

The guides we've created on suggestions and solutions, to help hoteliers become more environmentally friendly, and for travelers to enhance their enjoyment of the destination they visit while also being responsible tourists." The hotelier's guide – How to Increase Your Bottom Line by Greening Your Hotel is a comprehensive guide that focuses on identifying the business benefits to going green as well as several best practice examples from all over the world.

Initiatives include source separation, expansion of collection services, revised collection fees, material reuse projects, education and awareness initiatives and enhanced planning.

A multitude of studies have identified numerous challenges that impede efforts in solid waste management.

Hotels have to be forward thinking and understand the impact that their business has on the environment and that the environment is necessary for their business." The focus is not just on hotels, but raising awareness with travelers and fostering a sense of responsibility.

The traveler's guide – The Responsible Traveler Guide is an easy to read guide that shows travelers how to improve their travel experience while being environmentally responsible and improving the livelihood of the local communities.

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These guides demonstrate leadership and a genuine effort to do their part in preserving the wonderful places we love to visit." Online media release: Hotels | Hotels is the world's leading hotel price comparison search engine.