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Speed dating near scunthorpe

This is one of the problems with attempting to run a country. There are things that are right, and things that are wrong.In the absence of a Solomon, or a benign dictator, any such venture is doomed to result in a form of chaos. Even if you managed to run it in a most excellent fashion, the flaky mores of the ingrates would inevitably lead you to the gallows. Because I’m old, I saw many things that were clearly wrong turn out to BE wrong.Everyone offended by the actions of the others, seemingly pleased with the smell of their own…opinion. ’ Each side seemed keen to paint the other as variously racist, or stupid or right-wing. There were, it is quite true, noisome and emboldened racists and closet Xenophobes who were gleefully paraded and quoted by The Sun and The Guardian alike, though for opposite purposes.On the other hand there has also been, more recently, a revolting fungal efflorescence of outraged condescension describing the moral and educational deficiencies of those who voted to Leave.And in so doing re-find all the things that people tell us we have lost.

The problem is, at least in this article, she comes across as feeling she, and those in her in-group, are the only ones who are.People who thought remaining in a Europe that is being corrupted by corporate lackeys is only marginally better than a Uk that is already very definitely corrupted by corporate lackeys.People who thought all the arguments over lost sovereignty were misdirection, distracting people from the fact that far more of our sovereignty will begin away by signing the CETA, TTIP and TISA trade deals than was ever given to Europe. None would have been addressed let alone solved by the referendum no matter which way it was decided. The real question, perhaps the only question, is whether we descend into the spite-filled bigotry of ‘Us and Them’ or chose to actually listen to and understand the realities of each others lives and fears.All the same parties that were then arguing for Remain. But they would have voted for very different reason to those Ms Penny was so quick and so confident to ascribe to them. That economy that the rest of us keep bailing out and paying for with austerity? In this case, as Laurie Penny says, the choice they made has delivered us all to a Tory government that can hope to do as it wants free of any restrain at all. Just because the vote went against what I felt was better, what Ms Penny is certain is better, does not mean, as she concludes, that this nation must somehow re-find the, I personally resent the implication that simply because the vote did not go as she decided it must, that somehow common humanity is endangered. You do not have to like Paul Daniels if you don’t like David Bowie.But she just can’t seem to imagine the ‘Leave’ voters could be so thoughtful. Common humanity is not the exclusive preserve of ‘Remain’ voters. Ms Penny should refrain from endlessly deciding what the range of choices are and what you must be like if you’re not like her.

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I think Ms Penny might need to get out of London a little more often and widely. She does eventually get round to something approximating an insight.