Sprung dating ds

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Sprung dating ds

It wouldn't be so bad if there were some logic behind it but choosing the right thing to say seems purely arbitrary.

You quickly realise that the game's sole challenge is, in fact, just a tiresome and completely brainless process of elimination.

Plus the art and animation is actually quite good, a huge step up from the static portraits in most Japanese games, and is quite possibly the first game on a portable Nintendo platform to feature the word “asshole”.

But beyond that is a game that’s an embarrassment for everyone involved, including the player.

What’s more is that you quickly amass a huge library of items that are largely useless, but are occasionally required to win.

It's obvious from the blurb on the box that Sprung hasn't been designed with your typical gamer in mind.

Certainly the concept, which is to "flirt your way through more than 50 dating missions," isn't one that DS devotees will find particularly alluring.

Meanwhile, Becky is trying to get over a failed relationship by finding some hunks to snog.

Their major personality traits is that they are main characters, and therefore not as broadly drawn as the ten or so other supporting cast members, all of whom fall into teen movies cliches including two of Brett’s friends/wingmen (both nimrods), the slut, the nerd, the snob, the bitch, the hippie (alright, that one’s a bit less normal) and a bunch of others.

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The jokes are baffling and sometimes just don’t make sense. There are roughly thirty “chapters” split evenly between Brett and Becky.

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