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I couldnt find anyone on my usual forum "fiatforum" and thought I would check here. Box was replaced last month (December 2012), my 2010 Astra J 1.6 Turbo had only done 25000 miles.

It was replaced under warranty but I will need to take out an extended warranty if I keep the car after 3 years. the oil drain plug is on bottom side of the g box if you release plug on level ground oil should not really come out as it should be level with the plug.

(Y)The main reason people feel the m32 box fails is cause the standard gearbox oil is pants as when it gets hot it looses its lubrication properties so cant keep the bearings lubed and they wear out quickly as a result..

My original f23 in my G is on 323,000miles and has outlasted the 2.0dti lump which i have just replaced :kissit: EDIT: its now on a 2.2dti lump, in the same van.

There wont be a recall as the total number of warrenty cases are around 4%.. MY 2007 1.9 cd TI 150 Costs: 2200 euro's Galaxy Nexus Tapatalk I bought my 1.9CDTi 150 just two weeks ago and was so happy with it, then I see threads like this!

need to change it to a decent 75/80 semi synthetic oil if running a standard diff, with a lsd people recommend a 75/90 iirc?

Currently im on my third box but since it was rebuilt 20k miles ago its not had the standard gearbox oil and has been good! but the thing is with the box its kinda hit and miss as some people have no end of issues with it and some are very lucky buggers who have no issues at all even with 150k plus!! its the Bearings that fail, i would suggest the wrong fluids being used ;)What is the discussion? (but its been on its way out for last 10 months) Car is standard 57 plate on 74k (although I beleive original owner had a new gearbox at 22k)ZS and myself arguing the design of the M32 is flawed and more than should be expected go wrong, Arden VXR arguing that they're great boxes and they only ever go wrong due to being abused.

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