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For sharp reader, I end up having to resort to less trustworthy locations... Andrew Grumet wrote this essay in May 2003 and it’s the best overview on blogging I’ve seen to date. Can you add a special parameter to force Sharp Reader to store all data in a subfolder instead of in "c:\documents and settings"?

Hi : ive got a question, is there any way i can export the file sharpeader generates so it can be imported by any other rss aggregator?

) version), none of my feeds are updating even though I know a couple have since posted new items (and the feeds reflect them when I view the XML directly. The new ATOM 1.0 feed from More Like This ( Like This/) causes #R to show the error dialog, though Send Error Report doesn't work when I click it, though the program seems to function fine otherwise if I click OK rather than Close Program. In order to get new ones, I have to click refresh manually. Feel free to ask me for more details (my e-mail address is stored somewhere on this site). a day or so ago I went to launch Sharpreader, got some crazy error message and the damn thing won't fire up anymore. NET SP1, it refers to an error message in effect to "The type initializer... All in all, I am a newby to Sharp Reader and had honestly looked through the FAQ before posting my question. This happens to several manually added blog URLs in Sharp Reader v0.9.6.0 (previously this was not a problem under the old version). Upgraded recently to Sharp Reader v0.9.6.0 (from previous version) caused a lot of comments tagged to a blog (when clicked to view) to fail with error message as shown. Set Browser Html(Rss Item rss Item) in c:\projects\sharpreader\ui\sharpreaderform.cs:line 3214 at Sharp Reader. Sharp Reader Show Page_Tick(Object sender, Event Args e) in c:\projects\sharpreader\ui\sharpreaderform.cs:line 5237 at System. Plus I have a vested interest in improving Sharp Reader as it is the only RSS aggregator that is on my company's approved software list, and they are very strick.

Can someone post the new version somewhere other than I've even tried removing it and then re-installing--still nothing. Must manually remove RSS feed and re-open (and subscribe) to fix; however problem may reappear again at random. Deactivate Tags(String html) in c:\projects\sharpreader\util\mlhelper.cs:line 142 at Sharp Reader. Seriously, if you are interested in some help, let me know at "benjamin carleski [one word not two] at msn dot com". I tried a bunch off RSS readers, but I liked yours best.

Blocking ISP's is kind of silly if you want to propagate your works, Luke. No feed updates (although all my feeds were still in the re-installed version), no polling, etc. Error(TE) An unexpected error occured: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. One little wish: I want to put Sharp Reader on an USB stick to have it with me everywhere I go.

I have been trying to get updates for ages, and I try to get them from a "reliable" source. Mark Deep Thinking about Weblogs Deep Thinking about Weblogs [Being a newbie to blogging, I still appreciate a great essay on blogging. When it did run, the article thread feature didn't work...instead of uninstalling I deleted the directory and copied 9.5.1 there..everything, including the article thread (whatever)..working.... Clicking on "Send Error Report" will result in the following: An unexpected error occurred in Sharp Reader when I was doing the following: Sharp Reader v0.9.6.0 OS = Microsoft Windows NT 5.1.2600.0 . Null Reference Exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Obviously I need all data to be stored on the USB stick.

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Luke, what is the specific version of you tested this with so I can verify my set up? NET SP1 has been out for almost a year now (which is about twice as long as WP1.5 I believe), I felt that adding the SP1 specific config option that fixes this issue was the right thing to do. Also, have you considered open-sourcing this, or working with other developers.