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Teen cam paypal

In fact, my addiction caused me to drop out of high school.While my friends were off to college, I was living in my parents basement playing video games up to 16 hours a day. Today my life is much better, and I’ve been clean from video games for over seven years.

I understand how you feel, because I was once addicted to playing video games.

Unless you’re 18, you cannot create your own Paypal account, as per the Pay Pal user agreement. Once you have the need to get a Paypal account, you will need to get your parents to sign up.

They will need to have a bank account as well, because this is how you get your money from Paypal.

Cam Adair and Game Quitters helped me understand the underlying reasons for my son’s addiction to video games, and that helped me help my son.

I used to get mad at him for “wasting his time” on video games, but now I have an appreciation for the things that were complicating the issue.

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Dear Concerned Parent, You’re here because you’ve lost your teenager or young adult to gaming.