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It speaks of the threat of urbanisation on the environment, such as the Pearlfisher Garden that depicts the underwater gardens of the oceans and the impact of plastic waste on the ecosystem.It also shares how the relationship can become stronger via being informed, smart and resilient.It’s time to innovate the garden in-store for greater meaning and impact.In search of inspiration, I’ve undertaken a semiotics analysis of this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show’s 27 gardens displayed, to understand what the emerging codes of meaning of the garden are, to aid relevance and to inform biophilic retail design.This could be throughout the store, or in a changing room, or at the entry point or even at the counter.To experience a biophilic escapism is to surprise and delight the consumer in ways that are not expected.Dior wanted women to feel like they were beautiful flowers; an utterly decadent, sumptuous and ultra-feminine look, following a necessary conservative war era.

A shopping mall cannot afford to be built without vertical garden walls and conservatory-style green planting.

Flowers and gardens are fundamentally some of the most significant symbolism of utilitarianism; the thinking that pleasure and being happy are intrinsically valuable and of high moral worth. Today we run, walk, sleep and sit among them, eat from them, photograph them.

We party in them, exchange vows, say farewells, welcome others, become citizens and showcase them.

Arguably some retail spaces are more innovative in biophilic design than others.

Think Apple on Regent Street, London with its twelve tall trees in planter pots that also provide seating at their base.

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