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Following the end of the war, Josephus was taken to Rome, where he wrote The Jewish War.His second major work, Jewish Antiquities, described the entire history of the Jews.he Roman empire was desperate, in its need to control the vast empire they conquered, loosing battles against the northern barbarians, and having revolts in the middle east, led them to the idea of unifying a new religion and creating division among the middle eastern neighbours, and thus the beginning of forging and changing, religious and historic facts, one of these famous characters was "Josephus Flavius was a Jew who grew up in Jerusalem at the beginning of the Common Era.He was well educated, knowing both Jewish texts and the Greek language (although his Greek grammar was faulty).It is envy, because he sees me doing your commissions. And what would make papyrus cleave to the mountain?I am indeed like a stray bull in a strange herd, whom the bull of the herd charges, whom the longhorn attacks. If a bull loves combat, should a champion bull retreat for fear of being equalled? Is there a god who does not know what he has ordained, and a man who knows how it will be?

He screamed; he fell on his nose; I slew him with his axe.After the others killed themselves, Josephus convinced the remaining fighter to surrender with him.As a prisoner of the Romans, Josephus volunteered to write the history of the Great Revolt. Josephus thus provided the Romans (and now us) with a first-hand account of the fall of Jerusalem in 70 CE.The ruler conferred with me and I said: "I do not know him; I am not his ally, that I could walk about in his camp.Have I ever opened his back rooms or climbed over his fence?

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No full copies of Manetho's text remain, we only have short sections of text and a few references in the writings of Josephus Flavius (first century A. Why would a princess of Egypt, unmarried adopt a a foreign child in the first place, but let us assume that her kind human heart was to save the poor child from the Nile, but then how did moses's sister ? Loaves were made for me daily, and wine as daily fare, cooked meat, roast fowl, as well as desert game.

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