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Thedeathofonlinedating com

I didn’t see a simple way to rewrite (or amend) the contract so I could use the material any way I saw fit while still meeting the requirements of the publisher to retain control over the rights.

This was turning into another huge problem created by the divide between Gutenberg and the Silicon Valley. How was I going to retain the rights I needed to be successful and, at the same time, make Steve and Stephen at White Cloud successful?

As soon as I received the contract, I countered by offering shares in Magical Matches in exchange for retaining the book’s rights–a proposal that was definitely normal procedure where publisher-author relations are concerned.

I hoped to create a new paradigm in which we would align and partner with the publisher towards mutual success.

The contract spells out specifically how you can use the material in the book within your business.

In truth, earlier in the month we had gently pushed for the end-July delivery.

Troy has spent his entire 25 year career in Silicon Valley working for and consulting to start-up network equipment manufacturers with a specialty in network protocols.

A non-conformist, his knack for recognizing patterns and creating unconventional solutions has led to numerous innovative applications, features and several patents.

The agreement would provide White Cloud revenue streams from both the book and the online dating website, while simultaneously permitting me to leverage the book’s content without restriction to maximize profits.

But my counter-offer had been sucked into the vortex of the Bookmuda Triangle.

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