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Torrent daytime dating by soul

", butshe composed herself and asked, "Am I dressed okay?

""Uh, well, now that you asked, I need to make sure you've followed therules we provided you in your orientation packet," sister Ann statedplainly. I followed them exactly," Jenna reassured her."Please step over here," sister Ann said as she pointed to a spot on thefloor directly in front of her.

The Catholic school wasrenowned in the area for its high standards of discipline and education.

As she showered, the petite blonde reflected back on the interview processwith the head mistress, sister Ann.

Jenna tapped sheepishly on the window as she couldonly make out a couple shadowy figures inside."Come in," a voice inside beckoned. I hope you're readyfor your first day, it'll be busy.""Oh, yes, I am.

Jenna slowly opened the door and peeked inside to see sister Ann andanother woman who was much older. I've been looking forward to it for days now," Jenna saidenthusiastically as she stood on the other side of the large oak desk. Stach."Jenna shook the old woman's hand and found it kind of cold and clammy.

The desk at the head of the class was actually a table.

With one finalapproving glance, she gathered her things and headed to school.The high ceilings did nothing to lighten the dark corridor and her highheels echoed as clicked along the linoleum floor as she walked.She noticedthe new posters lining the cold tile walls, welcoming the c***dren back toschool.Each classroom door was trimmed and stained in dark wood, which framed an opaque wavy glassed window with the classroom number on it.Jennaclutched her books to her chest as she approached the Head Mistress' officeclearly marked as such.

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Jenna was scheduled toteach English and gym this semester and had her first few classes alreadymentally mapped out as she entered the school very early for her firstday.