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READ MORE century BC, Side - named after Sida, daughter of Danaus - was one of the earliest settlements of the Anatolia region and was renowned for its harbour during the Hittite period when it became a prominent commercial town trading with the countries in the eastern and western Mediterranean.READ MOREDating back to antiquity the area was first inhabited in approximately 3,000 BC and was the location of the ancient city of Carmylessus, which at its height had a population of about 20,000 people: It was to remain an important trading city until 1100 AD.Started in 1609 it took seven years to build and where it was normal to pay for such projects with the spoils of war, Ahmed had not gain any victories so had to pay for it from existing funds.The mosque was built on the site of the Palace of the Byzantine emperors which had to be demolished.We know how it is difficult to meet like-minded Turkish singles abroad.

There are variations on what the money is for, but usually it’s for a plane ticket.

)” Presumably the reason for the liberal use of single quotes around the word “she” in Hot Lips’ account is because, of course, the odds are as good as not that the person behind the scam may be of the Y-chromosome variety, and not a woman at all.

Hey, it doesn’t really matter, because they have no intention of ever meeting you in person anyways.

The vast majority of refugees have fled from Afrin to the towns of Tal Rifaat, Nubul and Zahraa.

According to the UN children's fund, UNICEF, nearly 100,000 still remain in Afrin region, nearly 50,000 to 70,000 of whom are in the city of Afrin, the main population center of the region.

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The UN has warned that 167,000 people have been displaced in Syria's northwestern Kurdish region of Afrin since Turkey launched its offensive against the enclave.

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