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For example, maybe his wife likes to paint or to sing in church.

As long as those her interests do not conflict with her primary duties as a wife, mother and keeper of the home he should encourage her in these things.

See “I wanted a wife and so did she – Ex-husband of Megyn Kelly speaks out about his marriage to the FOX News star” for more on this feminist superstar.

1 Corinthians (KJV) Not only in spiritual matters, but in all matters of life a wife is to learn how her husband thinks and what makes him tick.

In a way, this concept of being one flesh in marriage mirrors our salvation.

From the moment, we are saved we receive Christ’s righteousness and are declared justified by God.

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While it is possible to have regular sexual relations but still have disunity in a marriage – it is impossible to have full unity in a marriage without regular relations.

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