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Posted by / 26-Nov-2020 17:45

Updating facebook with twitter

Companies will also be held liable for any data misuse, which can mean fines as much as 4 percent of their annual revenue.

Facebook took the rare step on Thursday of asking its more than two billion users to review and make choices on privacy details such as facial recognition and the advertising information they’ve chosen to share on their profile.

It’s easy to configure and all you do is when you tweet, you just add an #fb at the end of the tweet and it will update your status. There used to be a way to find the RSS Feed of your Status Updates and feed that into Twitter but I’ve searched high and low and Facebook seems to have hidden it.

I have never authorized Twitter to update my Facebook status, but it just started happening out of nowhere.

I hadn’t changed any settings, added any applications, or even touched Facebook all day.

After looking at my Friend Feed profile I discovered that I don’t even have my Facebook profile linked to my Friend Feed account, nor do I have the Friend Feed app installed on Facebook, so that wasn’t the culprit.

Despite my never linking Friend Feed and Facebook in any way, I found that as I rolled over the tweet on my Facebook wall, I was somehow able to unauthorize Friend Feed from publishing to Facebook.

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Within Facebook, you can add the application Selective Tweet Status: You can go to the link directly or you can search for it in the Search box by entering Selective Tweets.