Updating files in pclinux Free adult webcam hosting

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Updating files in pclinux

PCLinux OS booted, asked a few questions about the network, and I was up.

The Live CD gives you the option of "root" or "guest" to log in as. No way I could put new packages on this while it is running Live CD.

Thus, PCLinux OS users must use their distribution's own repository -- it is not interchangeable with the Debian or Ubuntu program libraries. Evolution was the main pain point, since it crashed fairly often, at least until I figured out a new way to set it up (I pointed it at the OWA web server rather than the MS Exchange server for the Web DAV connection. There is clearly a large number of packages in the repository that they could put on by default if they had a Live DVD version.

Having stepped into this royally, the only way to be able to look in the mirror is to test PCLinux OS 2007.

It is so nice to be able to test the distro *from* the CD, to be sure there are not major issues before you roll the Distro down.

I go in as 'guest', password 'guest', and a normal looking KDE desktop with some distro specific artwork appears. Next to Synaptic icon on the taskbar is something that anyone that has ever used Mandrake knows: the Drak Conf utility. As a first challenge to PCLOS, I was going to leave all my files from Mint laying about my home directory. Intel Graphics Chip Like Ubuntu, but not like Fedora or Mint, PCLOS did *not* set up the Intel graphics chip correctly at first. Building the Perfect Corporate Linux Launching Synaptic, running update installing north of 200 updates (about the same ball park in terms of number of packages as the first time I fired up Mint), rebooting, going into Synaptic again, start tweaking this out as a corporate desktop.

There is an icon on the task bar to start downloading updates (Synaptic, but labeled "package manager")... I'll need to use both of these once I am running PCLOS installed off the hard drive, so I note their presence and move on. Mint was set up with both Gnome and KDE, so all the config files from a months use were there. KDE (the default GUI of PCLOS) fired up, went in, and everything was great. Worse, the Drakconf utility that lets you fix this was nowhere to be found on the desktop anymore. I noted along the way that the Synaptic update has Firefox moved from to that is goodness.

My mistake was to say the PCLinux OS was now based on Debian. It is even worse than that though: The article I read that gave me this idea in the first place is lost to history, but I saw a post at Desktop Linux that reinforced it: “Once installed, more than 5,000 additional packages are available through PCLinux OS's Synaptic software manager and file repositories. I normally do actually research stuff better than that. I should have know better: A few years back, I used an early release of PCLinux OS in the Linuxworld lab as the class boot-able Live CD. I ended up using Mint as my primary Linux desktop ever since. Mint on the D620 grabbed the CD image from a mirror on the net, burned it, and then moved out of the way on the hard drive to make room for PCLOS (PCLinux OS's official abbreviation).

Another poster pointed out I needed to do my research better. This works essentially in the same way as Debian and Ubuntu's update system. Had I just finished the paragraph, the very next sentence was: “However, instead of using deb packages, it uses RPM. I only stopped using it because a newer version of PCLinux OS dropped Evolution for space on the Live CD disk reasons. Even worse: I used to be a [RPM based] Mandrake user! Texstar used to package up all sorts of things to make Mandrake better, and was one of the, if not the most popular packagers for Mandrake “back in the day.” [Mandrake is called Mandriva now] Worse: Texstar even lives in the same city I work! I decided to use the Dell D620 that I posted about in Linux Mint 3.0 and the Single Dell". Everything was working more or less in a well known way. The other, slight lessor issue was that the wiggle stick and the track pad used different mouse acceleration profiles. Aside: Interesting that there is no Live DVD version of PCLOS.

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As easy as Linux is to install these days, I still spend a fair amount of my after-hours life doing these types of things, and the Live CD is just too nice to not use.

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