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Updating formware

The connection will remain mostly same for esp8266-12 to run it in flash mode.GPIO0 -There are two software to install the bin file on soc of esp8266 , The second method is by using esp flash download .1.)Download the software from the below link t=252.)Now just browse the bin file you want to upload on esp and do not change any of the settings 1.)Power esp 8266 from external power supply .please avoid using arduino or computer for vcc.2.)check the circuit thrice and always while uploading firmware try to manually reset esp8266 by making chpd gnd for some time and put it back to vcc .3.)make sure you use either a buck or a 3.3 regulator.esp8266 needs constant current too.4.)Note: another link that might help you to solve the problems with esp non of the above method works...This is the best way for flashing the esp01 buy this module and get free from messy wires in future . Esp01-programmer adapter Note: The module do not enter the programming board directly . Breadboard power supply With this module you can separately give 5v to arduino and 3.3 v to esp8266 at the same time . Level shifter Please check the connection in photo2.Esp 8266-12 module I found daflabs instructables best for this module so farhttps:// used Arduino instead of cp2102 module, and I had no issue in communication.Each time you restart your Slingbox, it checks whether it needs to update the firmware.

Surface Book Base firmware update is not required on a Surface Book 2 device.When the update process completes, you can go back to watching your TV anywhere!If your Slingbox doesn't seem to update to the latest firmware version, try restarting your Slingbox.Installation of the Microsoft Surface Dock Updater is only supported on devices that feature the Surface Connectâ„¢ port.Note The Surface Dock Updater tool is unable to run on Windows 10 S.

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If you install Surface Dock Updater v2.12.136.0 on a Surface Book and update an attached Surface Dock from that same device, the firmware of the Surface Book Base will automatically be updated when installing the Surface Dock Updater.