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At the very least, there’s a proper installation disc for it compared to Debian Sid.And as noted, there seems to be some sort of testing done on Factory before pushing changes to Tumbleweed.By compiling most of your software, Gentoo lets you trim your system down further than many operating systems in a more convenient way.You can strip programs of unwanted features, for example. It’s also easy for Gentoo to mix and match between stable and unstable packages.Despite its name, Debian Sid is still quite reliable.The main difference is that much of its stability comes from upstream instead.A lot of installing Gentoo comes takes a lot of manual work.

Unlike Debian Sid, Tumbleweed appears to have more official support.

They’re supported by competing companies, SUSE and Red Hat respectively.

It’s fitting then, that they both have a bleeding edge version of their operating systems..

The Linux kernel is has regular releases, offering new features and improvements that you have to wait for in a new distribution release - unless you manually upgrade the Linux kernel.

We show you how., along with security, for example.

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Along with this, since many programs need compiling, a lot of time can be burnt updating them.

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