Updating suse kernel

Posted by / 28-Nov-2020 18:05

Updating suse kernel

Throughout the series, you will find actual configuration examples, complete with the steps required to achieve a particular objective.

The examples are repeated for both Oracle Linux and SUSE Linux.

You can obtain the Unbreakable Linux Network login ID required on this screen by going to

You can also purchase Oracle Linux Support online via the Oracle Linux Store at oracle.com/linux.

Once you have the CSI, you will be able to create an Unbreakable Linux Network login ID and gain access to Oracle Linux Support, Linux software patches, updates, and fixes.

You will also need the valid Oracle Linux Support Customer Support Identifier (CSI) that is provided when you purchase an Oracle Linux Support subscription.

Contact your Oracle Sales representative about purchasing an Oracle Linux Support subscription.

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If the network is not configured and tested, NCC configuration is skipped.