Updating turbotax 2016 to 2016

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These differences also impeded our ability to introduce new innovations across our entire product line.So this year, we made the product experience consistent across all Turbo Tax offerings.We work with law enforcement agencies, including the FBI as appropriate, on matters such as identity theft.Turbo Tax is a popular tax-preparation software product for individual taxpayers.

You can be sure that we’ve preserved what’s unique to our desktop product: the ability to e-file up to five returns, switch to forms mode and install the software on multiple computers.Remember to re-enable your firewall and other security software after turning it off to allow Turbo Tax updates.While making security software inactive for a short time to accommodate the Turbo Tax download poses little risk, allowing your computer to remain unsecured increases the risk of infection by malware and susceptibility to attacks.As we reported, after working with third-party security experts on a preliminary examination of recent fraud activities, Intuit believes that these instances of fraud did not result from a security breach of its systems.Intuit has not been notified, nor are we aware, that we are the target of an FBI investigation.

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