Validating hospital bills

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Validating hospital bills

Both suits claim "false imprisonment" under common law and that state regulations regarding mental health commitments were violated. Elizabeth's actions "demonstrate a gross disregard for Plantiff's civil rights," one suit states.

Both women also say they lost their jobs because of their ordeals and are suing the health care system for unspecified punitive damages and possible lost earnings plus interest. Elizabeth's planned expansion in the mental health market may have played a part "in a rush to admit a person against their will." The women were hospitalized against their will "without any medical assessment validating the admission," said Shane Sidebottom, one of the women's lawyers who filed the second suit late Wednesday.

A KPIX 5 undercover producer tested this security system, arriving at the San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland airports without official documentation.

In every case, the producer was allowed to pass through security using a student ID and personal credit cards and was not subject to a secondary screening before gaining entrance to the terminal.

"Given, that this haphazard admission practice is not isolated to my client, there is a concern that St.Elizabeth's emergency room in Florence in September 2014 for chest pains brought on from a stressful situation at work.She was then evaluated by nurses, a social worker and by someone using a "telepsych" process, or a remote evaluation using video feeds.The initiative has already gained state approval under the state's complicated "certificate of need" regulations.Construction is set to begin this spring and be finished by fall 2017.

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Her suit also claims these were all done against her will, even though Hensley's hospital records indicate she consented.

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