Validating null value in pl sql premier dating service toronto

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Validating null value in pl sql

' from dual' into l_number instead of just assigning the string to a number but that would be even slower...

Unless we use a function to evaluate every value, are we really sure whether it is or is not a number? 2) deterministic doesn't even come into play here, it is not relevant. The decode( replace(translate())....., my_to_number() ) will be faster if it can short circut having to call my_to_number() a couple of time (decode, replace, translate are pretty fast).

This results in a mixture of number types such as 1,2399.34, 12399.34, or 12399,34.

If the data in the old table is invalid, I typically just want a null value inserted into the corresponding column in the new table and don't plan to try to clean up the old data.

For example, if C is found in an age column that should be numeric, I don't plan to try to figure out what they meant to input when they typed C.

So, I typically use something like (simplified for demonstration purposes): insert into new_table (number_column) select numbers_only (varchar2_column) from old_table; Would this be the best approach under these circumstances, or would you recommend something else?

: Thanks again, Barbara An additional problem I have is that the numbers aren't necessarily using the same decimal format.

For example some are entered using british nls settings and others german.

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If I have count(f1) and max(f1) in the select statement, it's going to call function twice.