Validating server migration

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Annotate, which is similar to CVS blame, marks up a source file with notes about the revision where individual lines were introduced.This can be used as a rough estimate to see how far back history goes.To use the utility, navigate to the Tools - Trial File Retriever menu item.Then enter the path in TFS that you would like to download files from and the local folder to place the files in.The branch relationships on individual items can also be verified by right click on and item, selecting "Advanced - Properties" and then selecting the "Branches" tab.Note that TFS Branch Visualization which is typically indicated by the special folder icon in the TFS UI is different than branch relationships.

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Viewing labels in TFS can differ from other systems in that if you use the History pane to search for labels, you need to make sure that "View History" is performed on an item that is labeled.

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