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Vietnamgirlsdating com

She went on a rant about wanting a serious relationship and I thought I’d ruined it again.

But I only had 3 days left to bang a dating site girl so I had to try. So when she asked me what I’m doing I said I’m about to take a bath and sent a cheeky topless selfie with a towel on. She told me not to send her pics like that and changed the subject to going to some boring looking flea market.

I didn’t want her to think I was going to fall in love though so I said how in my culture guys want to have sex first then decide if they’re compatible with the girl.

She replied how American girls are sluts and hoes 😀 I used lots of ‘if’ so that I didn’t lead her on. If she was good in bed I’d definitely come back to Vietnam and see her again.

I’d been reading on some monger forums that this is basically what Viet dudes do with girls, promise them the world, undying love, say they’ll take care of them etc. I reiterated how most western guys will need to bang before deciding on a relationship, let alone falling in love, and mentioned the third date rule.

When I finally got a hand between her legs she was dripping wet.

So off we went to Ho Chi Minh City museum in District 1. I checked into Dai Nam Hotel the next day to try out the handjobs there.

Pretty boring date for a sexpat but at least now I had some pics of me doing normal stuff to show family back home. Like Vien Dong it’s a girl friendly hotel with its own massage spa.

and making herself out to be a good girl virgin, yet her FB says that.

I didn’t care and wouldn’t have said anything if she’d just let me bang her but she’s expecting me to be the perfect gentlemen while she’s probably banging some guy.

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She picked me up on her motorbike like the last girl, I didn’t risk a creeper pic this time though until at the restaurant.