Vmware snapshots not consolidating

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Vmware snapshots not consolidating

The issue is that although support resolves most if not all of these cases, it is a very time consuming & repetitive task.This new option allows end-users, in the event of a consolidate failure, to do the consolidate operation for themselves without opening a Service Request with VMware.Hello Spiceheads, I recently went through one of the darkest moments of my professional life.My company hired a VMWare Certified consultant to assist with a large datastore migration for one of our main production file servers.

Consolidate option in the drop-down menu of Virtual Machines in v Sphere 5.0, and are probably wandering what the use case is.This involved creating a new volume on our SAN, formatting it in VMFS in v Sphere, and copying the data from the old volume to the new one within the guest OS, with the goal being to eventually cut over to the new volume and remove the old.This process was done through mounting the new volume to the same Windows File Server VM the old one was attached to, and copying the data from one mounted drive to the other.Get notification of these blogs postings and more VMware Storage information by following me on Twitter: VMware Storage Cormac Hogan is a Senior Staff Engineer in the Office of the CTO in the Storage and Availability Business Unit (SABU) at VMware.He has been with VMware since April 2005 and has previously held roles in VMware’s Technical Marketing and Technical Support organizations.

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They assure me that there will be no downtime when this happens in the background.

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