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For more on prototypes and pre-production amps, see this page.In April 1967, the Defiant cost £194 and 5 shillings (pre-decimal).Alternatively, just sell it to me for £300 :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: 1BL Ah bass! Yeah, I thought it should have had the blue speakers too. (5) Point out that the head has a Mullard GZ34 rectifier and a good-looking quad of Mullard EL84 power tubes (they actually look like yellow-prints -although the printing is a bit worn).6) Remove the preamp valve shields and have a look.

I've just been giving it a clean-up and think I'm going to take some piccies for the dreaded e Bay.

Above, Freddie and the Dreamers, RAF Wethersfield, 4th July 1967. Inside, the original speaker wiring diagram and original speakers, though one was blown, along with the Midax horn.

The cab is termed, as in the case of the cab above, an ST50. A good early Defiant with a later cab ("Solid State" in the logo) - the side stands are repros, designed for an AC30, but do the job.

If the power tubes are Mulls, I'll bet my bottom that the ECC83s are also Mullard. The head is actually quite tidy; far more so than the cab. American bidders will pile in for this, but they won't be so interested in the cab (see later for reasons why) so keep the two on separate auctions because shipping an unwanted cab to the US will be horrendously expensive and depress final bids.

Shipping the head alone is not too expensive either by Parcelfarce or, better still, parcel2go.

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Inside the actual amp though, it's very dusty and a bit greasy.

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