Wam on cam

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Wam on cam

Claire tries to get a perfect anniversary gift for Phil, and Mitchell and Cameron discover that their lady friend is crazy and jealous of their daughter.Phil and Claire cancel Christmas for their kids until they confess to wrongdoings at the house.Jay accidentally kills Manny's pet turtle and lies about it, Claire becomes jealous when Phil's ex-girlfriend pays a visit, and Mitchell makes a bold decision after he misses a family day because he's called in to work.Mitchell and Jay attempt to bond while watching a meteor shower, but things don't go according to plan.While Manny takes time out to play with Luke, Gloria accompanies Alex in shopping for a dress, and Manny ends up having a heart-to-heart talk with Claire.Meanwhile, Mitchell and Cameron go shopping at Costco, but Mitchell feels that he is too good to shop there.

Mitchell tells Jay that one of his friends is gay to teach him a lesson, Claire gets frustrated with Phil's new master remote control, and Gloria gives Manny's "date" a makeover to improve her self-esteem.Phil goes behind Claire's back and gets a bike for Luke, then really ends up lying about it when the bike gets stolen.Jay has problems trying to bond with Manny, but takes advantage of Manny's father not showing up in an effort to make peace with him, even though Gloria believes there's real peace in the household.Meanwhile, Phil is determined to find where Luke's hidden talents lie.Jay has a sleepover for his grand kids, but Haley is looking for a way out.

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Claire feels like a loser when she catches up with an old friend from work, Jay and Cameron have an unpleasant "encounter" in a locker room, and Mitchell tries to give legal advice to Gloria after she has a wreck.

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