West america internet dating scams tales of dating and mating

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(Photo: Thinkstock)In 2001, I planned to move to a new town in Connecticut. Deposit the check, and then send 0 by Western Union to my shipping company.”Maybe your spider-sense is tingling. You’ll deposit it, wire this guy 0 of your real money—and a couple of days later, your bank will let you know that the money order was a fake. Three big clues that you’re being targeted: (a) The offer is for more than you’re asking; (b) you’re supposed to send your item to another country; and (c​) you’re asked to use the other guy’s shipping company.

I put my house up for sale, but it sat there, unsold in the recession, for over a year. But sure enough, you get a money order or certified check in the mail. You get an email from your bank (or Amazon, e Bay, Pay Pal, Yahoo, Apple) saying that there’s a problem with your account.

Mostly, the woman will tell you that she is not a Ghanaian, but is in Ghana for a purpose and needs money to be able to travel and join you wherever you are.

All pictures and documents provided by the woman, to make you believe that she is in need of money to be able to leave Ghana are fake.

Whereas it has made it possible to communicate to people far away from you, it has also brought some negative effects, especially in many of the impoverished countries in West Africa.

They’re filled with misspellings, typos, and the wording of a non-native English speaker. Same thing as phishing, except that it arrives by text message (SMS) instead of email. The work-at-home scam is when you get an email offering you an amazing work-at-home job.I need your help flying back home and paying my hotel bills! (Sometimes, it’s even purporting to be a family member. There never was a credit card or loan.(Similar cons: “You’ve won a lottery! So you send the money, and guess what you get back? You’re invited to click a link that will scan your system for infections. And for the low, low price of , this mysterious remote company will clean up your PC for you.It may even be a brief phone call instead of an email.)" data-reactid="160"Instead, the bad guys have planted software on your friend’s computer that sent this same sob-story email to everyone in his address book. If you fall for it, you’ll spend the money and not get a cleanup—in fact, you may wind up with a fresh installation of spyware. ’”" data-reactid="32"Her lawyer was deeply apologetic. And so, for your own entertainment and education, here they are: The 11 hottest Internet scams that we’re still falling for. All occupants of the vehicle unfortunately lost their lives.”you to have it! Paul Agabi get those millions out of the country, using your bank account as a parking spot, he’ll share the dough with you." data-reactid="56"Amazingly enough, rich dead guy left behind millions of dollars—and your correspondent wants you to have it! Paul Agabi get those millions out of the country, using your bank account as a parking spot, he’ll share the dough with you. It’s only a couple hundred bucks, so you send it." data-reactid="74"But then a funny thing happens: Mr. You will be asked to send more, more, more money until you come to your senses and realize you’re being bilked. You’re on a dating site, and you find The One: She’s gorgeous, she’s witty, and she’s really into you. She’s a stock photo and a con artist who’s been playing you—probably a male. I showed up at the closing—but the buyer herself was absent.promised that I’d have the money by today! Here’s a shocker: Not everything you read on the Internet is true. On the 21st of April, my client, his wife and their only child were involved in a car accident. Maybe you make an offer on a house in some money to him, to cover bribes to officials. Though it has expanded beyond the country of Nigeria, it is still called the “Nigerian” or “419″ scam (named for the section of the Nigerian penal code it violates)." data-reactid="77"You will never get any money. She doesn’t show up, because she’s not a real person.

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If it purports to be from Yahoo, it probably includes a graphic of the outdated logo: Or here’s a slick trick: If you point your cursor at the “click here” link without clicking, the pop-up bubble shows you what website will actually open, as you can see here. When you call the number to take care of the “account problem,” you get an automated voicemail system that prompts you for your account information.“Things got out of control on my trip to London,” says an email from one of your friends. You just won an overseas sweepstakes—one that you never even entered! And get this—once you supply your mailing address, you actually do get a check for a huge amount of money! The only one who made money from this “sweepstakes” is the scammer." data-reactid="205"Only one problem, which you can probably see coming down Sixth Avenue: Their check was bogus. The only one who made money from this “sweepstakes” is the scammer. Maybe it’s stuffing envelopes, processing insurance claims, or processing credit-card transactions.