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MATSB Sea Float was anchored in the Song Cau Lon river next to Solid Anchor.ATSB Solid Anchor is near near the U Minh forest in Cam Mau province on the southern tip of the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.Decommissioned on 31 M arch 1967 she was transferred to the Maritime Administration on 3 July 1968 and entered the National Defense Reserve Fleet Olympia Wash. Salisbury Sound received four campaign stars for Vietnam service.where she remained until sold to Ziddell Explorations Inc. [Note: The above USS SALISBURY SOUND (AV-13) history may or may not contain text provided by crew members of the USS SALISBURY SOUND (AV-13) or by other non-crew members and text from the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships] Hull Number.com's mission is to provide a means for shipmates to keep in touch with one another.I intend to post every relevant donated photo or story eventually. This Web Book has become so large I do not view some Pages for months at a time.

After shakedown Salisbury Sound departed San Diego on 12 February 1946 and commenced her first of 19 deployments to the western Pacific where she served during a portion of every year from 1946 through 1966.

THE MOVE FROM SEAFLOAT Seafloat crews moved to Solid Anchor in a single 4 to 12 hour period September 1970.

Was the New Solid Anchor frequently mortared or attacked ???

Over 2100 Guestbook Entrys have been Cataloged into separate files by both record number and by Location, type of Unit, Vessel, Vessel type and other Categories.

This Web Book has become so large I now collect donated Photos and Information and revise the pages like a book edition semiannually.

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OLD NAM CAM Old Nam Can may have been overrun and destroyed during the Tet Offensive of 1968??? There was a mission to evacuate Old Nam Cam in Oct 1967. THE BEGINNING Solid Anchor was constructed by the Sea Bees in 1970 on sand that was transported by tug and barge for Qui Nhon. The area clear of trees was defoliated by Agent Orange.

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