What to know about dating a jewish guy dating in the dark australia dave

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Just btw, in all the instances I am aware of its been Christian men.

Do you think given the odds I would then say that its a Christian thing? When someone does something like that, I dont think it is characteristic of their religion, star sign, culture or nationality.

He will just string her along and use her (and I am sure he does not feel that he is doing that) until one day she decides enough is enough and leaves him.

He is not orthodox, just Jewish, and their faith says that they are to marry within it.

Reply to Anonymous Hi Yellow, Im sorry to hear about about your friend.

I told her upfront that I would want our kids to be raised as Jews, not that they would have to go to Hebrew school, but that they would not go to church, be baptized and so on. the idea of converting was forgotten as if we never talked about it. I was okay with her not converting, it would sort of be selfish of me to force her. Otherwise, it won't really matter, you will end up miserable and or eventually divorced be it you marry same faith or not.

I also see many cases of Jewish partners converting to their boyfriend / girlfriends faith.

Unfortunately this highlights a very important lesson.

I don't think because one Jewish gay did this that every Jewish gay will do the same. Reply to Jules My niece was in the same situation as you.

She lived with her Jewish boyfriend for 6 years, fell pregnant and she hasn't seen him since.

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What will happen if she ever falls pregnant is anyones guess, but I can see how unhappy she is.