Who is didier drogba dating

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Who is didier drogba dating

His mother nicknamed him "Tito", after president Josip Broz Tito of Yugoslavia, whom she admired greatly.

In 1991, his parents also travelled to France; first to Vannes and then, in 1993, setting in Antony in the Paris suburbs, at which point the 15-year-old Drogba returned to live with them and his siblings.

He is an Ivorian professional football player who currently plays for the Premier League club Chelsea as a striker wearing jersey number 11 and also in the Ivory Coast National Football Team. He has been the top goal scorer from his national team as well as the fourth highest goal scorer in the Chelsea history.

He started playing football since the very early age and started training at the club Abbeville.

Also the transfers rumors are seen a lot on him during the seasons.

He is the all-time top scorer and former captain of the Ivory Coast national team.

While his contributions helped the club avoid relegation, the coaching staff remained unconvinced of their new young striker.

When Drogba finished school he moved to the city Le Mans to study accountancy at university and he had to change clubs, becoming an apprentice at Ligue 2 club Le Mans.However, his first two years there were marred by injuries and he was physically struggling to cope with the training and match schedule.Former Le Mans coach Marc Westerloppe later remarked that "it took Didier four years to be capable of training every day and playing every week".It was here that he began playing team football more frequently, joining a local youth side.Drogba then joined the semi-professional club Levallois, gaining a reputation as a prolific scorer in the youth team and impressing the coach with his professional attitude.

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However, he returned to form the following season, scoring five goals in 21 appearances.