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) — the astonishing actor who played Jenny, and managed to find the humanity in a character known for uttering, “Adele, the appliqué on the back of your jeans was declared an abomination by the Geneva Convention,” and other psychotic bon mots — is in fact a thoughtful woman who’d rather spend time with her friends than bask in the spotlight of Hollywood. After a record six years as Showtime’s longest running original series, finally ended in March, putting our love-to-hate relationship with Jenny Schecter to rest, not to mention relieving us of those annoying alliterations. Leisha, certainly, because I lived with her the first year and the second year.

But looking back now that a few months have passed since it ended, I miss seeing the girls. I miss that dorm atmosphere that happened on the set. I think in retrospect, in spite of some of the weirdness with the storylines, particularly with my character, it was wonderful. Before dating with Camila Gray, Hailey ever had a long relationship with Nina Garduno since 2004-2010.As a lesbian she is never ashamed to admit it into public.Leisha Hailey is an American musician and actress who was born on July 11, 1971.Hailey first knows by public as a musician in the “pop duo The Murmurs” then continued her career as musician by becoming a part of the band called “Uh Huh Her”.

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Camila Grey is her band-mate in their band called “Uh Huh Her”.

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