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But a little practical knowledge of these things can go a long way.

While you might not get all the info you need to keep your dial fresh and your skin supple from your drinking buddies, Man of Many have teamed up with NIVEA MEN to give you some insider facts about what constitutes good daily grooming habits, and how to manage them. Their iconic NIVEA Crème, famous for its classic blue tin and almost infinite number of uses (beyond face and hands, you can use it in your hair to add shine and hold, or fang a bit on your shoes to bring old leather back to life), has been a crowd favourite since 1911.

According to Nivea, Weezy knows better than to bring Christina Milian to family functions, and the rest, you can hear for yourself in the video above.

The image was posted on the brand’s Facebook page with the caption: "Keep it clean, keep it bright.

Don't let anything ruin it," and was targeted towards followers in the Middle East, reported the BBC.

Social media users quickly complained that the ad, which has since been deleted, was racist.

Christina Milian married The-Dream in 2009 and they had a daughter, before divorcing shortly after.

Since the turn of the century, NIVEA MEN has been man’s best friend on the bathroom shelf, for the sheer fact that they’ve made products that are actually for guys (instead of just sticking some cologne scent into their women’s range like other shelf-fillers on the market), and for spending time and money researching the everyday skincare needs of Aussie men, how our skin types differ, what our cleansing habits are and what we really want when we’re performing our daily ablutions.

Skin is the body’s biggest organ, and one of the easiest to ignore – men in particular are a funny bunch when it comes to looking after it.

In a new interview with , Nivea -- who was briefly engaged to Wayne and later had a child with him -- confirmed the news, and explained that there was a family discussion about the issue.

A little more background on this story: Both Nivea and Christina Milian were previously married to The-Dream, so she and Christian Milian have, er, a lot..common.

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With different skin types, different shaving styles and a less considered approach to ‘beauty’, mens’ skincare needs are very different from womens, and at a time where information (and misinformation) is overly available, NIVEA MEN have done a committed job of arming the fellas with the knowledge (which, as we know = power) we need without making us walk around smelling like nanna’s potpourri.

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