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“We push it right up to the edge.”It’s a well-rounded edge this morning as we leisurely stroll into Teotihuacán.

After our arrival, Phil spends an hour or more shooting his stand-up, working with Petr and Barry to find their new rhythm.

It’s not really sticky, it’s more like this.’ They give us notes on clarity, to make sure everything’s accurate.”Phil knows the importance of accuracy as well as anyone, both for the integrity of the show, as well as the standards of the audience.

“Our fans are very discerning,” he says with a grin.

All three have worked with one another in the past, but never as a single unit.“It’s like a new team of players trying to find a rhythm,” Phil explains. That’s what I’m coordinating with the camera operator, but then I need to review the take, so I have to jump on the other side of the camera and watch the playback.”On top of envisioning the shots, Phil also captures the footage and selects his “keeper takes” for editors to use once they’re crafting episodes — mostly accomplished while he’s out on the field, but finished up at home.

He’s hoping to spend the next few hours establishing that rhythm with Petr and Barry, as they film the stand-up for the Roadblock. If it sounds like a lot of responsibility for someone already responsible for hosting the show, then, well, welcome to my initial reaction to hearing about Phil’s process.

They shout out for Phil and give him a big bear hug as he gives them their clue for the Detours.

Over the next fifteen minutes, the rest of the racers spill out of taxis and burst forward toward the Monument, nearly barreling over each other due to their feverish case of Phil-o-mania.

“We polish it, cut it down, and get it to a point where it makes sense.

It’s not Morgan Freeman uttering “Zihuatenejo” near the end of Shawshank levels of gravitas, but there’s gravitas all the same in the way Phil speaks the word, reading from a pocket-sized travel book containing scripts not just for the first leg of the race, but the whole season ahead.

The scripts are a collaboration between a few forces — executives at home, producers on the scene — but the words always begin with Phil.“I do the first pass out loud, writing with another producer, who types while I talk it out.

Even though the race technically began earlier in the morning when teams got video message clues from Phil, it’s only now that it really feels like the game is afoot.

I spend the next hour or so on the roof of a parking garage, watching teams race to set off fireworks in order to get to the next stop on their journey — an overnight stay near Teotihuacán, where they’ll compete in the Roadblock the following morning.

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Phil Keoghan hits the road at eleven o’clock in the morning.

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