Who is sarah mclachlan dating 2016

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Who is sarah mclachlan dating 2016

“We’re in a different city every day, and there are hotels and pools and room service and science museums.” , and has no plans to expand her repertoire to include scat singing or jazz standards when she visits jazz fests. “That would be disingenuous and embarrassing because I suck at it.I’m going to do what I know how to do.” What she knows how to do best is craft beautifully emotional songs, usually on the piano, and sing them in a voice that sounds like an angel.Then the Grammy-winning superstar went a step further and invited the young musicians to record an album with her and longtime producer Pierre Marchand.It’s a Christmas project, to be titled Wonderland, due for release next fall, that features Half Moon Run backing Mc Lachlan on a selection of seasonal favourites. “They’re the sweetest boys,” Mc Lachlan says, sounding like a proud mom as she talks about her favourite new band.This time, they’ll be tagging along on the upcoming excursion, which includes three Canadian jazz festival gigs, followed by a U. Despite the possibility of inclement weather and the challenge of balancing family and work, she’s looking forward to the adventures. “It’s going to be a bit of a juggling act, but it will be fun.It’s like glorified camping for them,” Mc Lachlan says.

Only in the aftermath did it become clear just how heartbroken she was over the failure of her marriage.Sure, she lives a charmed life, but boy, things got rocky for a time there for Sarah Mc Lachlan. All at the same time," she tells me in an interview at her West Vancouver home. " She's Sarah Mc Lachlan, so what she did was write an album.In the space of a few short years: a divorce, the death of her father and a split from her long-time manager. "So it was interesting – the next couple of years of just sorting through that: Who am I now? During a candid sit-down in her house – all windows and wood, with a grand piano nearby, and a little toy one under it – Mc Lachlan talked about midlife crises, parenting challenges, her own parents' bad marriage and the debacle that was the Lilith Fair revival in 2010.“It took us three years,” she says of the expansion plans.“I move very slowly and methodically to make sure everything is in place and to be vigilant of the quality control.

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The two people in it merely failed to keep it going.