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After all, these are two fascinating people when you look at a background and career standpoint.Starting off with Serge Ibaka, NBA fans should already know where this 6'10" power forward hails from because of his nickname.The first language he learned was Lingala, a language mostly spoken in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.Together with that, he learned French, which is the country’s official language. But the interesting story is about how he learned Spanish.Better yet, she had made a list of “not to dos.” That is something every celebrity should think of making, but we know the ones who will do something like this are rare.

She thought Ibaka was different from the other guys, she thought she had found the exception, and maybe she did.

A force to be reckoned with on the defensive end of the floor, Ibaka earned the nickname “Air Congo.” Do you need any proof?

Just check out the guy’s stats from his time as a player in Oklahoma City.

All the proceeds that the single earned went towards benefiting unprivileged African kids and teenagers.

That's right; in an industry where everyone wants the money, it is rare to see musicians making a song that will only benefit other people.

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American singer and songwriter Keri Hilson was someone who wanted to do things her own way.

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