Why am i not dating quiz

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I know you THINK you do, but boys are not really a huge priority in your life right now. And while romance is fun, just having fun is better to you. They can't bring you screw myself for thinking i needed a boyfriend. People alwats tellin' me i'm pretty so i didnt think that was why i'm single .

You're pretty carefree, and your life centers around your social life and your friends -- not around guys. You'll meet a guy who's the same way, then you two will hit it off. i'm a cry baby lol so i thought that was it but i guess i'm wrong again !!

While confidence is a good thing, you come off as intimidating -- especially to guys, who are terrified of rejection. You spend so much time hiding yourself, guys hardly know who you are.

For 33 % you are: You don't have a boyfriend because you don't really WANT one.

And trust me; once you start being more confident, you'll find a boy who likes you who you can like back, too Why am I still single? You probably don't have any idea when a guy likes you; you spend so much time shining on in your own unique way, that when a guy likes you, he could beg and you still might not get it.

Just to be sure, however, take this quiz to find out why you’re still sitting across from an empty chair at the dinner table.

And you'll find a boy who likes you who you can like right back. Or even this one: For 27 % you are: Honestly, guys are probably a little scared to approach you.

people say I only like him because I think he's cute,but I loved him before I knew what he looked like,it's just a boness that he's a babe! Well most women nowadays are just looking for the rich type of men which certainly explains why so many of us good men are still single today, and with most women that like to party and get wasted which they will never be able to settle down with only one man anyway.

For 47 % you are: In terms of emotions, you're still in middle school.

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